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Vacation Bible School
Each summer several of our people get together with people from the Presbyterian Church and have a week of fun and learning for the young people of the Woodlake area.  This has proved to be a powerful experience both for the children and the volunteers.

Day Care
We have a terrific pre-school/day care.  For more information click the Day Care button or call the director Sandy Crawford (564-8668).

A number of our young people carry the cross and assist the priest.  With a little training from Father David, they all do a fine job.  Adults can be acolytes too.

If you like to read aloud, you may be interested in being one of our lectors and reading the Old and New Testament lessons

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild prepare the church for each service and puts things away afterwards.  This has traditionally been done by women, but there is no reason why a man could not serve the Lord in this way.

The vestry consists of the rector and a group of lay people elected every year in staggered three year terms to make financial and other important decisions for the church. < BACK